Welcome to the “Spiritual & intuitive Academy”

Mankind is developing more and more on a spiritual level. People are searching for answers, “What am I feeling?; What am I perceiving?; How do I handle my sensitivity and how can I manage it?; What is the difference between my feelings and my emotions?; How can I ‘let go’ and break old patterns?; How can I contact my spirit guides, deceased loved ones, my higher self, and my soul?”

Jaco Elken is the founder of the “Spiritual & intuitive Academy”. He has spent many years as ‘Medium Jaco” and stood at the cradle of what is now the ‘modern-day’ mediumship, training and schooling people in this interesting and extensive profession. His qualities, knowledge, and depth have accumulated in a just as inspiring team of teachers. As a result it has become possible for anyone to find their way in spirituality and to grow, to become trance healer and medium, or even psychic therapist & trance healing therapist, or Paramedical & psychosocial medium.

Energy is vibrating at an ever increasing pace and the messages from your soul, spirit guides, and deceased loved ones are getting deeper. The “Mediumship & Trance Healing” education will enable you to implement many facets of the traditional mediumship for the benefit of your personal deepening and transformation. Nowadays we already differentiate between the “Old English Mediumship” and the “New Mediumship”, which has been adapted and deepened in these revolutionary times, to the current day requirements, through the many years of Jaco Elken’s experience.

The complete bachelor level education “Mediumship & Trance Healing Therapist®”, short vocational education, is registered with the CRKBO.

On the website of the Spiritual Academy you can find extensive information about the details of the available educations, the team of mentors and the diverse locations where the courses are given, in the Netherlands and abroad.

Spirituality is for everyone. Spirituality is the way inside

For questions or registering for one of our educations , please contact the secretarial services of the Spiritual & Intuitive Academy.