Mediumship & Trance Healing II Deepening & Transformation® Education

In the short vocational education Mediumship & Trance Healing II Deepening & Transformation®, you will learn the deepening of mediumship and trance healing. This consists of passing across blockages and handing over transformations from the spiritual world, through use of profound psychic readings and psychic regression consults. In part II of this education we will go deeper into the subject of tuning in to the energy and conveying the information you receive from your healing guide(s). You will learn the Sensor-motoric Healing Mediumship and the healing of postnatal disorders, both physical and mental in nature. You will learn to restore balance in these energetic blockages in your client, through Psychic Therapeutic Regression. Insights in family relationships through Psychic family Arrangements.. Furthermore you will learn to work with aura-lifters and entities.

Mediumship, Trance Healing, energetic operations and Sensor-motoric Healing Mediumship will be a standard part of your work as Medium & Trance Healing Therapist®. Your guides will constantly take you further and deeper into the world of Mediumship &Trance Healing. The more that your medium- & healing consults deepen & strengthen, the more will your insights and possibilities grow. Experience and trust will bring your unique potential to the foreground. A process through which your teacher at the Spiritual Academy will guide you, with all their professional experience.

The duration of this education is also 4 days and will be concluded with the certificate Mediumship & Trance Healing education II Deepening & Transformation.


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