Paramedical & Psychosocial Mediumship Education

What is disease trying to tell you…

This education “segment” will teach you the deepening and the meaning of the organs in the human body. Both the function of the organs, as well as the psychological transferal meaning of the organs.

The soul is eternal and humanity is forever evolving. We want to -and must- acquaint ourselves with everything. Every feeling shall and may be experienced, recognized and acknowledged. Eventually balance needs to be obtained and maintained in all feelings and emotions, in order for us to be out true self. Both the heavy-, or negative feelings and emotions, as wel as the positive or happy feelings and emotions. Very frequently it happens that we do not express these feelings and emotions, or do not express them correctly, due to life’s circumstances. The consequence is that these un- or ill expressed feelings and emotions remain lodged in our system. Both in our spirit and in our physical body. The souls will do whatever it takes to express these feelings and emotions correctly and re-balance the spirit and with that, creating balance in the body.

A dis-balance, sickness, pain, and/or a blockage are therefore nothing more than a signal from the soul to the ego, the manifesting “I”, to indicate what needs attention. When one ignores these signals, disease can find its way to the physical body. Dis-comfort or even pain is nothing more than a signal from the soul, intended to ignite transformation in you. Next to the need to seek help from regular healthcare professionals, it is of dire need to search for and reflect on the psychological cause(s) of the disease, in order to obtain healing and regain balance. In this way one can master the underlying life lessons and experience conscious evolution.

In this short education you will learn the language of the soul and how to recognize the signals from the body and organs. Both on the paramedical, as well as on the psychosocial level. You will learn to communicate the information from the organs, muscles, joints, glands, and other body parts.

Furthermore you will learn to recognize the chance circumstances and acknowledge them as such, so that you will experience the signals that life is giving you in such a way, that you have the possibility to re-create a ‘Heaven on Earth’. When you live life in accordance with your intuition, really feel it and intentionally seek it out, you create chance circumstances which will enhance and enrich your life experience. If you ignore your intuition and the feelings flowing from your intuition, or if you interpret these feelings incorrectly, your soul will attract chance circumstances that will result in setbacks and misfortune. Through this you, together with your soul, can learn how to create wellbeing and health in life.

What will this education teach you?

Next to the energetic medical basics of the physical body, you will also learn the psychosocial meaning of the organs, joints, glands, and other body parts.

You will learn to recognize disease symptoms as signals from the soul.

Denominate the deeper paramedical and psychosocial meaning of disease symptoms, such as: joint ache, arthritis, rheumatism, asthma and bronchitis, and the sense and nonsense of chronical illness symptoms. Hart, lung, liver, bile and spleen disruptions. Cancers and tumors. Skin conditions and other allergies. Headaches and migraines. Inflammations, muscular diseases, stress related problems. Depressions and fatigue. Mood swings, borderline, schizophrenia, and so on.

Direct communication with the soul, the Higher Self, the physical awareness, and with diseases and the organs.

Using the symbolic language of the disease symptoms in question, and transforming these into understandable messages.

How to heal and coach these insights with your client.

This education is divided over 4 days, or 8 evenings.


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