Mediumship & Trance Healing I Basic® Education

When you want to work as a medium, the healing energy is also present. When you work as professional healer, you will often receive messages from your guides, to convey to your client. In the education Mediumship & Trance Healing I Basic® we have connected these two aspects. In the first part of the education, we will provide you with all the ins and outs of basic mediumship and of basic trance healing. It is no longer required to acquire these skills separately. Upon completion of this Basic education, you will be able to communicate directly with the spirit world, for both aspects, during psychic consultations, but you will also be able to give healing sessions. Of course you can also choose to combine both, into a single consult.

The Spiritual Academy will not only teach you the basic ‘no-nonsense’ mediumship, But also the deepening of your work in the sense of the ‘new’ mediumship and trance healing!

All things considered, there is only one energy, no matter how many different names you give it. In the education Mediumship & Trance Healing Therapist® I Basic, we will converge all forms of energetic healing into one powerful healing trance state. You will learn how to heal and how to contact your healing guide(s). They are the ones that direct the healing energy through you. It is essential for us to have a loving and conscious connection with them. You will be able to establish this contact, much stronger and stronger, throughout the duration of this education program. Subsequently you will learn to receive essential information from your healing guide(s), to relate to your client.

Healing is not just putting your hands on someone. Healing is telling your client where, how, and why you are healing, so that your client can transform and becomes able to re-balance with their life path, or even life its self.

The duration of this education is 4 days or 9 evenings and will be completed with the certificate Mediumship & Trance Healing education I Basic.


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