Trance Mediumship Education

Trance Mediumship is a form of mediumship, in which you will learn to make contact with yourself and other energy forms, on the deepest possible level. Trance has existed for ages and is used to acquire insights in issues concerning relationships and health, but also to obtain answers to life questions.

Trance can best be compared to a very deep state of meditation. When at this level, the cooperation with spirit, your guide, or a departed loved one becomes much easier.

At first, the collaboration with the spirit world is often experienced as a little scary. Understandably, because it is still vastly unknown territory in our Western society. This program is hosted by experienced Trance Mediums, who will guide you gently through any fears that might arise. Trance Mediumship is a cooperation in which you, as “medium” have full control. Through experience you will find that there is no other way more beautiful than this, to discover yourself and to bring all of your talents to full expression. Generally the contacts with Spirit are described as serene and full of gratitude.

During the course of this Trance Mediumship education, you will be guided from a safe environment and in a natural and loving way, to go deep within yourself, in order to contact your “Spirit Team”. This will make you more aware of the different energies which surround you and teach you how to work with them. We will discuss and experience several types of Trance. Trance Mediumship goes beyond just working with energies, from your subconscious. You will gain access to your Higher Self and new doors will be opened, leading to other intelligent energy forms. In this program you will be challenged to go straight through barriers, so that your life can undergo a widening and deepening. Very often you will discover what your deepest desires are and which specific talents are present within you. This discovery will bring you a great feeling of satisfaction and leave you with a vastly enhanced self-confidence.

In the education Trance Mediumship, you will learn

  • to recognize the different states of trance;
  • ‘inspired’ speaking/channeling;
  • trance Speaking;
  • performing a consultation from Spirit;
  • to give a deepened from of Trance Healing;

You will learn the building of energy together and the opening of this trance energy. Working in a group enhances the power with which you can work. Therefore a group setting is the ideal way to take this step in your evolution.

The Trance Medium education is beneficial for both individuals with a little experience in energy work, as well as the more experienced energy worker. The Trance Mediumship education will span two days, or four evenings and will be concluded with the certificate Trance Mediumship of the Intuitive & Spiritual Academy. Upon completion of part one, there is the possibility to partake in part two of the education Trance Mediumship. Upon successful completion of part two of this education, there is the possibility to join as Trance medium with the professional association SNU.

Trance Mediumship I

Trance Mediumship II


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