Mediumship & Trance Healing Therapist III Education®

Therapeutic Mediumship & Therapeutic Trance Healing is a beautiful, new, and invigorating way to unambiguously determine the cause of pain and/or blockages, which could possibly be inhibiting the personal-, or spiritual growth. Oppressing convictions, emotional pain and/or grief, bottled-up feelings, fixed patterns, and blind spots can be recognized immediately and made insightful. The blockage or pain could stem from this life, or have its origin in past lives, and should be dissected and unraveled, so it can be transformed, releasing the blockage. This frees the way to stepping into a new energy-space. The release of these, often subconscious, suppressed emotions and the defining of ones’ soul-path create space and an easy flow of energy in the body and spirit. A certificated Medium & Trance Healing Therapist® can immediately indicate the causative problem of the blockages, which may be transformed, in order to be released.

The following methods of treatment are applied:

  • Soul contact & Spirit guide contact
  • Soul analysis, directly from the soul
  • Inner child & part selves
  • Psychic Regression Method
  • Psychic family Arrangements
  • Psychic NLP
  • Psychic Hypnotherapy

Therapeutic Mediumship & Trance Healing is a collection of diverse well known and widely respected therapies, which are directly accessible from the spirit, through mediumship. Analysis and solution immediately converge, having the potential to greatly benefit the client. The unique method of Therapeutic Mediumship & Trance Healing is very adequate and effective, and will leave a lasting impression with the client. De method Therapeutic Mediumship & Trance Healing is intended to assist people to accomplish transformation in a relative short time span, creating the possibility for them to adjust to the new times and the dimensions of the current new energy.

The duration of the education therapeutic mediumship is four days and will be concluded with an independent exam, conducted by the SNU: Spiritual National Union. The professional association for mediums, Trance healers, Medium Therapists® and Trance Healing Therapists®. Furthermore there is the option for you to join the “Schooling Commission”, in order to function as teacher.

Upon successful completion of the exam, you will receive the diploma Mediumship & Trance Healing Therapist® from the Spiritual Academy and the diploma Mediumship & Trance Healing Therapist® from the professional association SNU.

The complete college education “Mediumschap en Trance Healing Therapeut®” short vocational education is certified by the KTNO (Quality and assessment nature-oriented Educations) and accredited by the CRKBO (Central Register Short Vocational Education). Contribution is excluding € 65,00 SNU exam fee. This is, however, without obligation.


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